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We like to keep ourselves busy in-between making dryers, and we really like making things that help keep fire personell safe. Sometimes safety means cleaning and protecting your turnout gear and equipment. Sometimes it means a simple prop to keep a garage bay open. Regardless of what it is, safety is why we started Backdraft Gear Dryers. Here are a few new products we've come up with. If you're interested in any of them just let us know and we'll send you all the details.

Sippy Stick

Funny name, small package, big safety. The "Sippy Stick" was invented to help keep doors open. Place this in the rails of garage or bay doors to keep the door up, or use it on a hinge to keep a door open.

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Backdraft Door Rest

Another of our own designs, the Backdraft Door Rest will hold garage and bay doors open like the Sippy Stick. Designed to be carried on a carabiner you can easily clip a bunch on your belt.

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Under Truck Wash

Keeping your station clean is a priority, and rightly so. Our Under Truck wash connects to standard hoses so that you can rinse off the undercarriage of your trucks to keep all the nasties out of your garage bays.

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