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Backdraft Gear Dryer is a family-run start-up business based in the state of New Hampshire formed by Tim Glennon and his wife, Melissa, to help fire fighters solve the problem of drying their turnout gear after use and washing.

After Tim’s brother became a fire fighter, he started learning all about how critical their gear is, and not only that, but how important it is to keep it clean.

Tim also learned that a firefighter’s gear couldn’t be simply washed and dried in a normal dryer. Learning that it can take days for gear to dry after washing, Tim got to work solving the problem. After researching from many angles, the Backdraft Gear Dryer was invented and prototyped.

Our dryer has been successfully tested in the field and is ready for prime-time. There are two models: a “2-Piece Setup” and a “4-Piece Setup”. The 4-Piece setup can dry 4 sets of gear in about 3 hours with no heat — just ambient air.

Our mission is to help fire departments and rescue personnel across the country solve the problem of drying their turnout gear and help contribute to keeping them safe and healthy on the job.

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Backdraft Gear Dryer is available by order. There is generally a 6-week lead time. More customization options are available. Please contact us for more details using the form, or by calling. We look forward to hearing from you.


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